4 Ways to Qualify for the Cyprus National Health System

Todays Question:

What is the Situation with the Cyprus Health System for Expats with an S1 or the Cyprus Medical card.

Do I qualify to Register for Cyprus Health System?

Healthy Tax Residence

Expats Living and Working Abroad  in Cyprus have a number of different ways of qualifying for the new Cyprus Health System.

  1. If you already have a Cyprus Medical Card, then you will qualify for the new health system registration

  2. Retired EU Expats with an S1 to transfer their State pension rights from their home country qualify to register for the new Cyprus Health System. You have extra tax to pay though. 1.7% flat rate National Health Insurance tax on all income.

  3. Working Expats paying Social Insurance qualify for the new health service. in addition to the social insurance  already being paid, there is an additional amount of National health Insurance Tax to pay, 2.55% for self employed in 2019, 1.7% for employees.

  4. If you are a tax resident with investments, you will still qualify for Cyprus health Service, and pay the 1.7% flat rate Health Insurance tax in 2019 , based upon any interest, dividend or rental income.

Take Your Medicine

Everyone has to pay for the new Cyprus Health service. The state also contribute to the insurance scheme. Tax resident Expats benefit from a broad and more comprehensive National Health System.

This includes none working partners of Cyprus tax residents.

Online Tax Returns

Tax returns for 2019 are now required for every tax resident in cyprus to account for a pay the new Cyprus Health Insurance Tax.

ProACT Know How includes registering you for tax returns, and online submissions in Cyprus. We can also advise and assist with online returns and payments.

ProACT Know How

ProACT Expat Experts have the Know How to help Expats Living and Working Abroad across border and down the generations. 

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