Part 2: Healthy Changes for Expat Healthcare in Cyprus

Part 2: Healthy Changes for Expat Healthcare in Cyprus

Cyprus is introducing a new National Health Service for citizens in Cyprus including Expats Living and Working Abroad. 

This service is opening its doors from 26/4/19. 

This is a completely new service that has been in preparation for a number of years, including massive business and structural changes. 

6 Impacts of Health Services Changes

This is the second article which covers sections 4 & 5, to read about sections 1, 2 & 3 read part 1.

  1. What the changes mean in accessing the health services

  2. How Expats qualify for the Cyprus Health Service

  3. How to Register

  4. The Cost to Working Expats and Business

  5. Tax & Treatment Expenses You May Pay 

  6. The Impact of Brexit

  7. Protecting Your Family’s Health

4 The Cost to Working Expats and Business

From the 1st January 2019 Employers, employees and the Self Employed have an increased  liability toward Social Insurance payments.

Employers should make a monthly return and payment for social insurance while self employed pay quarterly and the first increased payment for Quarter 1 2019 is due by May 10th 2019.

Normally in Cyprus Employees receive net pay after social insurance, employers could request employees pay the increase to cover national health insurance this year.  

All employers are responsible for paying Social insurance and National Health Insurance Payments, within the Social Insurance Payment scheme.

Expats working as employees in Cyprus should check with their employer how the additional payments will be made and how net pay might be affected.

Expats operating a service company as owner manager, pay social insurance as employment and will of course continue to pay the whole social insurance for themselves as employer and employee. 

Employers agree any Employee changes with staff and revise employment contracts as necessary.

Read and Download our fact Sheet showing full Rates for Cyprus Social Insurance and National Health Insurance Rates,

for Family and Business Living and Working Abroad and investing in Cyprus.

5 Tax & Treatment Expenses You May Pay 

If you don’t pay social insurance then your National Health Insurance contributions could be made with your 2019 cyprus tax return. This includes Expat Pensioners and Investors in Cyprus for all Cyprus Tax residents.

If your are a non Cyprus tax resident you still retain a liability to the new National Health Insurance tax on Interest and Dividends from Cyprus.

Not to be confused with final full year 2018 tax returns being completed online from April to June 2019. 

Cyprus 2019 tax season starts in the summer with the first of two instalments of Tax for 2019... payable July and December. All tax returns and payments are online. 

None working Cyprus Residents will pay National Health Insurance at the rate of an Employee   1.7% in 2019, 2.65% in 2020

For Cyprus Tax residents this includes all Pension, Rental, Interest and Dividends received.

For Cyprus Non Tax residents, income and pensions arising from Cyprus will Pay National Health Insurance as a tax - but not on dividends and interest arising in Cyprus.

Treatment Costs You Must Pay

Everyone gets an entitled number of appointments with their GP each year. 

After that a consultation fee may apply. 

Patients are expected to contribute to Healthcare expense in addition to the tax paid.  These expenses are paid at point of treatment and are similar to the old rates paid in the Cyprus Health System.

These rates apply from Euro 1 for each pharmacy product, to Euro 10 for specialist consultation or accident and emergency visit.

Each person will pay a maximum expense between €75 and €300 per annum - a rate depending upon earning income.

The system in action will need to work itself out.  Every thing comes at a cost. Your consultation, tests, medicines, treatments have to be paid for.  If the National Health Service does not pay , then you could pay to go private. 

If you have a wait for tests or consultations then you must choose whether to join the queue or pay privately to speed the process.  

When a GP is connected to a private clinic then patients will have to learn to make their distinctions. What is planned is for everyone in Cyprus to benefit from a full and comprehensive service. 

Those that know me personally  will be all too aware of my views on health.  Treat yourself well first. Health is best treated by prevention, diet, exercise, walk, and lots of Vitamin P.  

When we are then unfortunate enough to be unwell a better health system for all can only be a good thing for all. 

ProACT Know How

ProACT Expat Experts are here to help, if you need any help and assistance on how to qualify for and register in the Cyprus Health Service.

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