EU Expats Healthcare Living and Working Abroad in the UK.

How EU Cross Border Workers are Affected. 

ProACT Sam updates EU Expats on how they can get access to the UK National Health Service (NHS). 

Each EU country has a different set of qualification rules for access to National Health Care. 

The UK NHS is free and open to all UK Residents. 

EU Freedom

EU citizens have the freedom to move to any country within the EU and so gain UK NHS access by taking up and becoming resident. 

UK Resident 

The UK NHS medical cover is lost when you are not resident in UK. 

UK Expats Living and Working Abroad in the EU lose their rights to UK NHS and must meet the requirements for the NHS of the country of residence. 

Cyprus Health Service 

In Cyprus UK and EU Expats must register as working, and pay social insurance, and the new National insurance tax, all for 3 years before you qualify for the New Cyprus Health System. 

Brexit and EU Healthcare

Brexit does not affect the rights to NHS. 

Any Expat resident in the UK will continue to receive access to NHS medical care. 

Any UK or EU Expat Living and Working Abroad in the EU will continue to qualify for NHS in their country of residence subject to the local rules. 

ProACT Know How

ProACT Expat Experts have the Know How to help Expats Living and Working Abroad across border and down the generations.

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