5 Expat Residency Rights

Find Out from ProACT Sam 5 residency rights expats have - with or without Brexit - in the EU or around the world.

The confusion and delay around EU Brexit for Expats has lead to a blurring of boundaries regarding Expat residency rights with an EU connection.

One key Brexit issue for expats are the potential loss of EU citizen rights for;

a. EU Expats Living and Working Abroad in the UK after Brexit

b. UK Expats Living and Working Abroad in the EU post Brexit without the potential right to remain.

EU Citizen Rights

This narrow issue around EU Citizen rights has its own solutions and guarantees within any withdrawal agreements and treaties to be agreed, and discussed in our Guide to Reciprocal Expat Residency Rights.

International Citizen Rights 

Around the world there are international laws and treaties that follow standard rules used by countries to allow expats to relocate overseas.

Each sovereign country applies its own terms and conditions, including countries within the EU. EU countries must however apply standard rules to EU citizens - EU citizen rights.

Expat Residency Rights

Watch our video now and you will discover;

  1. How Naturalisation works to allow expats to settle long term in a new country

  2. how family can be protected to allow the right for overseas workers to be joined by their family members

  3. How business can protect its interest when operating in different jurisdictions with different rules and regulations for trade.

  4. How property ownership can be secured from tax, forced sale, or loss of control down the generations or across border

  5. How Brexit will impact in the short term as the UK transitions from under the EU umbrella, to stand on its own expat residency rules for all citizens of the world, including the EU.

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ProACT Expat Experts are here to help, if you need any help and assistance securing your EU Citizen rights Living and Working Abroad in the UK or EU, contact-us for residency, tax registration, starting a business and protecting assets plus stay in touch with the latest EU Brexit for Expats developments.