International Rescue Remedy for Expat Residency Rights

ProACT Sam takes a global perspective to Expat Residency Rights

It is easy for EU Expats to lose sight of the global picture with the noise around EU Brexit affecting UK Expats in the EU and Europeans Living and Working Abroad in the UK.

Global Rules

Global Expats understand there are common rules around the world that provide some consistency to how affairs can be dealt with - but every country is different with its own rules.

There are International treaties and conventions that bind signatory countries to following common standards. These range from world trade organisation, OECD for tax and finance rules, maritime and air travel laws, time, human rights and more.

Sovereign Countries

Expats around the world understand that each sovereign country around the world has its own rules depending upon the local politics, culture, traditions and religions.

Beyond these individual requirements unique to any one country the general principles and rules are the same.


International conventions come to the rescue for expat residency rights. A process of naturalisation allows for Expats to relocate long term to a new country and acquire the rights of local citizens, either by obtaining a change of citizenship or duel citizenship with their country of origin.

All EU 27 countries apply the same conventions for naturalisation, with in their local rules. Any Global Expats can acquire citizen rights in any EU country, including the UK, according to the local rules of that sovereign country

EU Common Market

The EU adds a layer. The EU is not a country, but defines EU Citizen Rights, which all members must apply without discrimination to all EU Citizens. The EU country must give free access to other EU citizens while retaining its own immigration and naturalisation rules for global expats who are citizens of non EU countries.

International Rescue Remedy

Naturalisation proceeds from registration to permanent residency and then citizenship. Any Global or UK Expat with duel citizenship in an EU country will acquire and retain EU Citizen rights.

This is the international rescue remedy for EU Expats who want to retain their EU Citizen rights or relocate after Brexit and protect their overseas family, business and property.

Find out how you can protect your Expat Residency Rights by getting a copy of the guide below.

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ProACT Know How

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