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30% Boris Brexit Bonus for UK Expats?

For Expats Living and Working Abroad  with Pensions, Trading in Business with Euro, or investing in Overseas Property in Euroland, the UK GBP Sterling v Euro Exchange Rate can make a big difference.

There was a 30% fall in the GBPvEuro exchange rate after the UK Referendum in 2016 - Will Sterling GBP strengthen and recover with certainty after Brexit day? 29/3/2019. 

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[Podcast] What expats need to know about the new UK & Cyprus double taxation treaty

There is a New UK Cyprus - UK Double Taxation Treaty (DT) from 2018 that means any form of Public Service Pension will now be taxed in your home country.

For UK Expats in Cyprus, Pension tax could rise from 5% to over 40%.

The pensions affected are any paid for from government funds, including all civil service, local authority, NHS, military and any other body where the pension funds come from government funds.

You can keep your tax under the old rules but must act now by electing to stick with the old DT. The election is a concession for 5 years to use the old DT rules, as opposed to the new rules.

If you elect for the 'old rules' you in practice will pay the same tax arrangements as for 2018 and before.

You should complete and submit the letter to elect to use the old rules from the Double Taxation ('DT') 1974.

Free Down Load - Pension Election Letter -

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EU Expats in the UK Can Apply Now to Remain Living and Working Abroad in the UK

The UK Government have opened their settled status application scheme to EU Expats Living and Working Abroad in the UK.

This guarantees the Right of EU Expats to remain in the UK for their lifetime after EU Brexit - with a withdrawal treaty or with no deal.

EU expats must only be in the UK by 29/3/19 to enter this scheme.

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Cyprus-UK Double Taxation Changes for Expats with Pensions

A new Double Taxation treaty was introduced between UK and Cyprus in 2018 and it takes affect now.

Expats with Public Service Pensions  will now be taxed by their home government on this income - even if Living and Working Abroad  in Cyprus or UK.

This affects UK pensions paid to Expats in Cyprus and Cyprus Expats  Living in UK with Cyprus Pensions.

To Stop automatic changes to your pension you must take action now.

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