Cremation Remains a Burning Issue for Cyprus Expats and Residents

Cremation has been legalised in cyprus in a new law passed on 7th April 2016.

There are simmering issues to still be resolved with the process far from clear on how you can complete your wishes without your funeral plans turning to ashes.

The next necessary step is for a licensed crematorium to be build.  That may be sometime away as vested interests compete from a political, commercial, theological or regional basis.

ProACT believe you should always look forward, and so let's look at the requirements of regulations.


1. Your Funeral service needs to be agreed in advance.

Church leaders may not embrace the 'new' practice of cremation.  Consider your funeral service and make arrangements in advance with your funeral home or church to ensure you can have the funeral service you want with cremation.

ProACT can help write this in your Will or in a Side letter of Wishes.

2.  Your Cremation wish has to be in writing.

Under Cyprus law you must leave a written request to be cremated in cyprus.  This means in your last Will in practice.  If this is missing , it does not stop cremation following repatriation to another country, but you cannot be cremated  in cyprus without leaving a Letter of Wishes

ProACT can help Write this in your Will or in a Side letter of Wishes.

Consider making this amendment to your WIll now, and at least before you die.

3. You must register with the Municipality in person your wish to be cremated before you die

But the procedure and cremation registers are not yet set up locally. It is unclear where the crematoriums will be, and there is unlikely to be one in every village from the start.  However the registration with your local authority is needed.

Watch this space for an update when the local registers are set up.


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