How Expats Could Retain Non Resident Tax Status in UK

Are you an Expat who plans to travel to the UK? Do you want to protect UK assets from capital taxes? Do you want to protect your offshore income from UK tax assessment?

ProACT Sam considers the constraints on Expats travelling to the UK.

If Expats have less than 2 ties to the UK you could spend up to 120 days in the UK without becoming UK tax resident.

Otherwise the limit is generally 90 days for less than 3 ties.


Each person’s circumstance could lead to a tie that could soon add up.

A tie could be a home, family or accommodation, work, time, last years time in country.

Only spending less than 16 days in the UK are you certain to be non resident in that year.

Nomads Tie

Even if you meet the tie and day restrictions, you could still be caught out.

If you qualified and spent 120 days in the UK, then spent the rest of the year travelling for example.

If you spend more days in the UK than any other country in that tax year you would be classed as a tax resident in that year.

Protect Family & Business

Planning ahead to hold overseas property and business assets can protect against a UK Tax assessment for expat family and business Living and Working Abroad. It could allow more days back in the UK or limit the liability for tax on worldwide income.

UK assets could also be protected from UK capital gain or inheritance tax at 40%.

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