August Changes to Cyprus Health System Registration

The GESY registration system was changed at the end of July, without notice.

The new rules applying from August do not allow for registration for the Cyprus National Health Service (GESY) unless you fall within a specific category:

1. You are resident in the Cyprus Republic or British sovereign bases in Cyprus with a Cyprus ID.

From August all Expats are excluded from Cyprus State Health Care unless:

2. The Expat are Working in Cyprus and paying Social Insurance.

3. The Expat is in receipt of S1 as a retired EU Expats receiving a state pension from their home country.

4. The Expat Registered as a permanent resident (with MEU3) living in Cyprus for more than 5 years, and registered at the Immigration Unit (ProACT can assess and get you registered if possible).

5. Special Categories for selected groups, including dependant relatives (spouse or children) of qualifying members of the Cyprus Health System.

However, Expats who you may still have a liability for the new National Health Tax to pay for GESY. There is no update or clarification from the tax office at the end of August 2019.

So Expats Living and Working Abroad in Cyprus as tax residents may have the new Cyprus National Health Insurance Tax to pay in 2019 with yet qualifying for Cyprus state healthcare.

We are pushing for an update and clarification of the tax liability of retired non-working expats.

We will update you as soon as possible. In the meantime we have released a comprehensive guide to the new Healthcare system in Cyprus for expats. Get your copy below.

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