What are the Residency Rights of EU Expats in the UK before Brexit

ProACT Sam answers your expat questions:

  1. What are the Residency Rights of EU Expats in the UK before Brexit

  2. What are the Residency Rights for a UK-EU Expat Couple with Brexit

1/ An EU Expat partner should register as an EU Expat for UK Settled status now (since 31/3/19). Its online and quite simple.

Before EU citizens didn’t need to register to relocate to the UK abut this is changed and now EU Expats must register to permanently remain in the UK after Brexit.

We can help if needed or go to the official website.

This UK settles status will allow free movement between UK and EU Countries without immigration restrictions.

UK-EU Couple as Expats 

2/ A similar registration process will be required for a Couple if both relocate and become resident in another EU country including Cyprus.

This is a two-step process.

First, a registration to say you are in country.

Second a registration proving various requirements including income, accommodation, healthcare.

The registration requirements varies by country.

Brexit Options 

Brexit confuses these issues but doesn't stop the process.

A. Before Brexit 31/10/19 the above applies

B. If there is a Withdrawal Deal for EU Citizen rights, then the above will apply until 31/12/2020

C. If there is no deal nothing changes for the EU partner but the UK Expat could be treated as non EU citizen and have a higher standards of proof.

Reciprocal Residency Rights 

Even so the EU have agreed for the EU 27 countries to reciprocate with any UK provisons to maintain EU citizen rights even with no deal Brexit.

Cyprus has undertaken to continue to allow UK Expats the same access and residency treatment as currently, so the above would apply even with no deal Brexit.

Registration Know How

Any Expat should register in their new EU country if landing before Brexit day 31/10/2019. This starts a process allowing long term residency options.

ProACT can help in the UK and Cyprus regarding EU residency rights and Brexit.

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