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Coral Bay is a popular tourist resort 6 km North of the city of Paphos. The coast to the north and to the south of Coral Bay is characterized by rocky headlands and sea caves. Coral Bay itself is a 600m crescent of soft white sand, enclosed by a pair of limestone headlands.

Coral Bay beach carries an EU Blue Flag and is one of the best beaches in Cyprus. The broader area of Coral Bay encloses another beach called Potima Bay.

Potima bay is the location where the new Paphos Marina will be built. The plot 4,500 m² in size, is 400 meters inland in a direct line from the marina location in Potima bay.
As the plot is elevated it has a panoramic view of local mountains, the coast line and most importantly Potima bay itself specifically the site of the new marina.





  • Architecture concept
The mountain slope elevation of the plot has inspired the unique architectural concept. The design approach is focused on utilizing the two main characteristics of the site which are the wide angle sea view and the naturally elevated terrain.

The villa is positioned into the hilly site, blending with the natural landscape while its distinctive roof line visually extends the organic geometry of the landscape linking it to the waves of the bay ahead.

The villa is structurally hinged into the rocky mountain allowing for the entire facade to be fully cantilevered towards the view. The resulting image of the hovering fully glazed facade, combined with the roof curves creates a unique architectural statement of lightness and natural elegance.
  •   The house

    The house boasts a total of 570 m2 together with 200 m2 of covered verandas consisting of:

    •  Separate living room. dining room, Family room, Kitchen,
    •  Master bedroom, walk in wardrobe, sky window, veranda, private garden area
    •  3 large family bedrooms all with en suite and verandas
    •  Entrance Hall, Open Fireplace, Glass lift,
    •  Cinema room
    •  Gym with sauna
    •  12 by 5 meter infinity pool
    •  Landscaped gardens
    The unique cantilevered building both to the front and sides together with the curved roof arches resemble a bird in flight

    The size of the house vis a vie other new builds in this segment of the market and the spacious
    yet functional layout. The rugged beauty of the mountainous plot in the tourist zone.

    It's a title deeds

House eco friendly

The entry atrium, apart from providing a visual attraction through the reflection of the sea coast opposite the plot acts as an exterior/interior environmental regulator.
During summer it opens to provide fresh air in the core of the building and in winter will be closed to trap the heat and dispense heat to the interior areas. Additionally it constantly provides natural daylight throughout the house and is a perfect place for internal plants and small trees.

The villa incorporates a 5 KW photovoltaics system that provide significant self supply electricity
The villa used E glass throughout in combination with a high energy aluminum system that incorporates thermal barriers and lift and slide mechanisms
Incorporates automated shade louvers that contribute towards the insulation of the opening achieving large energy savings. On site environmentally friendly biological sewage system
The system output may be used for garden irrigation purposes

Construction specification

•Sanitary Ware & Mixers
Imported high quality sanitary ware and accessories are fitted.
Vanity tops are made of Granite.
Glazed cubicles are provided for shower trays.
Tempered glass splash screens are provided for baths.
•Water Supply.
Hot water to kitchen and bathrooms is supplied by solar panels.
Pressurized system for hot and cold water is supplied.
Potable water is supplied to the kitchen.
•Electrical Installations.
Video phone to the entrance door.
TV point in the living rooms, cinema room, kitchen and bedrooms.
Sockets  for telephone and internet in all living rooms and bedrooms.
Spotlights  in kitchen and living rooms.
Lightening control system in living rooms and dining room.
Security alarm system is installed with motion detectors sensors.
•Air conditioning
Complete installation of VRV system with concealed units.
Under floor heating.
•Kitchen  appliances
Kitchen is fitted with all electrical appliance.

•Wall finishes
All walls have 3 coats of plaster and 3 coats of emulsion paint.
Some of the external walls will have marble and stone cladding.
Bathroom walls are tiled to the ceiling

Ceilings are of plaster board coated with 2 coats of spatula and 2 coats of emulsion paint.

•Doors and Windows
Entrance doors are custom made solid wood.
Internal doors are custom made soft wood.
Windows are double glazed incorporating  low-e glass and thermal aluminum frames.

Bedroom external doors and windows are fitted with electric aluminum shutters.

•Wardrobes and Kitchen Cupboards
Wardrobes and kitchen cupboards are custom made in accordance with customer requirements.

Reinforced concrete infinity swimming pool finished with mosaic tiles and heated by solar panels. Soft and hard landscaping. External lighting.


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