Temporary Tax Return Service 2015

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Cyprus Temporary Tax Returns & Payments for 2015 are now due from 1/7/15.

UK tax rebates for tax paid in the UK in 2014/15 can now be reclaimed.

Please help us complete your returns efficiently.

For earned income and pensions tax is due in 2 payments with the first due for payment from 1/7/15 and for the first time in Cyprus can be paid online.

Savings tax now due (Defence Levy) is calculated on any confirmed gross bank interest 30%, dividends received 17% or property rental income 3%.

If you think we may have missed any income or any other matters arise please let us know.

EU Saving Tax

If you receive gross interest on bank deposits outside Cyprus then you must declare and pay the defence levy tax on interest earned to the half year in June and December.

Please discuss with us how to proceed.

The tax due will be between 3 and 30% on a flat rate. If you want to consider other diversified tax free investments including specialist funds, property, discretionary management please contact us. *Contact us Now for Tax Return Help

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