Pension Freedom for Expats - Business or Retired

New Pension Freedom Rules allow Expats to Draw the whole of their UK based pension fund and pay tax in their country of overseas tax residence. This offers potentially large tax savings for Expat Business and Retired people Living and Working Abroad.

You don't have to retire to free your pension, even if living and working abroad, you can still reclaim the pension once you are over 55.

In the UK any Pension fund over £43,000 could generate a UK tax bill of 40% (£17,200)

The freed pension funds can then be invested in any way, cash investments, family business, overseas property, family education, repay loans, enjoy retirement.

ProACT can help free your Pension and reclaim big tax savings up to 40%.


Tax Freed Pensions

For Cyprus Tax Expats make big pension tax savings.  The freed pension funds would pay no tax on interest or dividends received from reinvesting the fund outside of a pension.

The UK tax at source up to 45% can be reclaimed, paying 5% Cyprus tax net for example, and a 40% tax savings.

The Paying Pension company must deduct UK tax at source.  Expats can reclaim this tax and pay the equivalent tax in their country of residence.  With the right tax residence , this can lead to big tax rebates.

Tax Freed Pension & EU Brexit

Tax treatment of pensions depends upon any double tax treaty between the country where the pension is paid from, and the tax residence of the receiver. EU law never took over tax and fiscal responsibility from sovereign governments.

Whatever the manner of UK Brexit from the EU, Overseas Tax on Pensions paid offshore will continue to be determined by the relevant double taxation treaty - for better or worse.

Freedom Review

If you have a Pension Fund, and are over 55, consider how you could move forward to free your funds. ProACT offer a Free review of your options and can help you reclaim the tax at source on the pension fund. 


ProACT expat experts offer tax saving for people living and working and investing abroad. Find out more at our website.

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