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4 Actions & Deadlines for Online Expat Tax Returns 2018

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This is the year of online for Expats Tax Returns.

How are you with online emails, facebook and social media? Are you comfortable with online bank accounts ? Are you an email wizard or do you still send post? Or have you only ever received junk mail and financial statements by post for the last 3 years?

2018 Online Tax Returns for Expats

This year the time has come to embrace the future.

Register to submit online tax returns,  embrace online accounting for business, and pay tax online.

ProACT are launching a new Online Tax Return Service

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4 Review Steps for Expats Planning for EU Brexit

Sam Orgill of ProACT Expatriate Advice considers what we know so far and recent developments in Brexit and the 4 areas of impact Expats should consider and review to protect Residency Rights, Tax on Income, securing Overseas Property, Medical Cover post Brexit.

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Will You Wait for the Date?

When you consider relocation the first thing you consider is somewhere to live. The second is to manage your income, whether from pension, investments, business or as a contractor. When you make the move to become an expat you get busy making local registrations for everything from electricity to visas, tax to social club, bank accounts to medical. We understand this.

Will You Wait for the Date? ProACT Sam Orgill gives 5 Actions to Protect your Overseas Property Investment from Expenses Plus Capital + Inheritance Tax Savings


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Pension Freedom for Expats - Business or Retired

New Pension Freedom Rules allow Expats to Draw the whole of their UK based pension fund and pay tax in their country of overseas tax residence. This offers potentially large tax savings for Expat Business and Retired people Living and Working Abroad.

You don't have to retire to free your pension, even if living and working abroad, you can still reclaim the pension once you are over 55.

In the UK any Pension fund over £43,000 could generate a UK tax bill of 40% (£17,200)

The freed pension funds can then be invested in any way, cash investments, family business, overseas property, family education, repay loans, enjoy retirement. 

ProACT can help free your Pension and reclaim big tax savings up to 40%.


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Business Start-Ups for Cyprus Expats

Business Start Up costs in Cyprus are expensive and new Expat Business starting in Cyprus should consider their approach to save money and tax in the crucial first two years as the business gets going.

Consider a contractor or sole trader starting a new Cyprus Business.  A start new business could pay over Euro 900 per quarter as a fixed social insurance from the outset. While reductions can be achieved with allot of hard work a minimum social insurance tax bill would be around Euro 300 per quarter.

With good planning you could reduce the business set up costs while remaining compliant for income tax, VAT and Social Insurance


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