Property Inheritance Tax Saving for Expats

Sam Orgill of ProACT Partnership with Tax Saving Tips for Expats for Overseas Property & Investment

Expat Investors can make more tax savings following changes in the UK and Cyprus Taxes. 

Tax Savings can extend to inheritance following changes to Wills and Inheritance tax rates in the UK.


Inheritance Tax Changes

UK Inheritance tax remains at 40%.  Allowance for married couple, main residence, is increasing to 500,000 per person over 5 years.  Meanwhile, changes to tax disclosure of capital and estates in the coming year mean that doing nothing to avoid 40% UK inheritance tax on Cyprus property will not work.  Opening up Cyprus property to UK Inheritance tax on death.


Cyprus inheritance tax is 0%.  If lifetime gifts of Cyprus Property are made then you can save 40% Inheritance Tax. This works while keeping you and the family in control and allows the bonus of avoiding in full the cost and delay of probate.

Tax Saving Tip: Consider gifting Cyprus property to avoid UK inheritance tax, and probate cost and delay with ProACT Expatriate Advice

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Don't Wait Until its too late.  Changes to laws of succession in Cyprus, high and slow probate costs, exchange of information on capital assets, overseas inheritance tax costs, means its time to look at different ways to protect your Cyprus Property Assets from Inheritance Tax for your Family.

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