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ProACT Oversea Property Investors  

ProACT Oversea Property Investors  

If you are advertising your overseas property rental on third party property rental sites, that service is now required under 'know your client rules' to record your tax number as the landlord. 

This is part of Common exchange of information rules  wing introduced globally and company and individual beneficiaries are now  require you to now disclose your tax number in addition to ID and address confirmation. 

The tax number you déclaré can then be verified against tax returns to ensure income is declared by your tax residence country. 

Who do you want to receive income ?

If you use individual tax number your must tax return for property rental income received. 

If using a property investment company , the company tax number and tax return is required. 

Tax savings are available to those that organise their income to receive with the right use of allowances.  

Time to review you overseas property rental. You will be forced to declare this income and should consider how to maximise tax savings. 

ProACT offer free review for overseas property owners who have property rental income to be declare and tax to be saved.  

Whatever the manner of UK Brexit from the EU, Overseas Tax on Pensions paid offshore will continue to be determined by the relevant double taxation treaty - for better or worse.

Freedom Review

If you have a Pension Fund, and are over 55, consider how you could move forward to free your funds. ProACT offer a Free review of your options and can help you reclaim the tax at source on the pension fund. pension-freedom-tax-rebates-expats


ProACT expat experts offer tax saving for people living and working and investing abroad. Find out more at our website.

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