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4 Ways to Attract Wealth Health and Happiness

 ProACT Sam Says 4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life.

Are You Losing Money?

Have you ever wondered why you have no money and mortgage and card debt?

Do you need to have a wardrobe full of shoes and clothes and stuff, stuff you don’t use but fills that living space.

Do you always live on the edge to have enough money for the next bill, the next treat, the next meal?

Are you Attractive?

Wealth is a created by the energy you put into life with your loved ones, work, business, or community.

In this article ProACT Sam Says offers  4 principles to Attract and Grow Wealth in your life. 

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Where will Exchange Rates Go for Expats in the Coming Months?

Monday Money Blog Examines the potential impact of a Rise in UK Interest Rates before the November 2017 Budget, and

Reveals 6 Benefits for Expats from Higher UK Exchange Rates v Euro

ProACT Sam Orgill Tax Saving Expat Experts

The EU Brexit Vote has hit British Expats Living and Working in the EU hard. The day after the Brexit vote on 24/6/2016 Sterling fell sharply from £1=Euro1.30 so by the end of October 2017 the Pound is trading at £1.00 = Euro 1.13 , a mighty fall of nearly 15% in 16 months.

This affects how many Euros to spend have UK expats living in euro land, or the £ Sterling back taken home after the sale of Euro-land overseas property. Here we look and the background and reveal:- 

6 Benefits for Expats from Higher UK Exchange Rates v Euro

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5 Must Do Actions to Review Your Money, Business and Property Overseas

Have you had problems with banks closing account on you over the last year?  Have you had to supply new name, address, ID and tax reference number proof to banks and investment companies?  Are your rental agents getting restless about an overseas landlord registration number? Has a bank turned down a request to open a new bank account?

Many things have changed in the last year.  ProACT Sam has produce a Free Guide and we office a Free review for Expats Living and Working Abroad or Overseas Property and Business Investors.

Free Download Click Here for 'How Banks and the Tax Man Share Your Financial Information'

We offer a Free Review Online or at our UK or Cyprus Office - Click Here Contact Us to Book


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