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Focused Effort in a Given Time Brings Spectacular Results

 Being a generalist is just fine.

If you want to push on, get bigger results, quicker change, more done, faster growth, then,

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How to Carry On Business in the EU After Brexit - A Comparison

ProACT Sam looks at what it takes, and the pitfalls of setting up business in an EU country after Brexit.  In this article we examine from the perspective of an overseas contractor or a business looking to operate overseas.

As temperatures rise, and ill feeling spreads, ProACT Sam examines the State we are in with EU Brexit and Healthcare for Expats Living and Working Abroad.

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Is Using Protection Better or Worse for Withdrawal from the EU?

ProACT Sam considers the mpact for Expats of no withdrawal treaty as Brexit Negotiations Heat Up this Summer.

As temperatures rise, and ill feeling spreads, ProACT Sam examines the State we are in with EU Brexit and Healthcare for Expats Living and Working Abroad.

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NHS HEALTH COVER - What does it show about the State We are in Over Brexit 

What are the healthcare options for Expats when returning to the UK? 

What are the healthcare options for EU Expats entering the UK?

How does Brexit Change this State of Affairs?

As temperatures rise, and ill feeling spreads, ProACT Sam examines the State we are in with EU Brexit and Healthcare for Expats Living and Working Abroad.

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Healthcare - the Impact of EU Brexit for Expats on State Healthcare for EU Expats

ProACT Sam discusses the impact of EU Brexit for Expats on Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a serious illness or accident? Who will pay the medical bill. It is easy to think the state will be there, but it is not always the case.

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Compassion Requires Understanding

If you don’t ask, do not listen or search you will not gain understanding of the world around you or the people you connect with.

How can we better understand ? 

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[Podcast] Happy New Tax Year for Expats

ProACT Sam celebrates the New Tax Year Changes and Looks Forward to the new challenges for Expats Living and Working Abroad in the year leading to EU Brexit.

With the UK sticking with centuries of tradition, until 1752, the spring is deemed the start of the new year.  Whereas seeds were sown and babies made in time for the autumn harvest and winter births.

So it is also time for the start of the UK New Tax Year

Cyprus has a calendar tax year but traditionally tax returns are due in April.

New Tax Year - Spring changes abound for Expat Tax Returns and Rebates.

In April we are running a series of New Tax Year blogs, podcasts, newsletters and Webinars for Expats Living and Working Abroad, investing in overseas property and relocating offshore. 

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It’s Important To Schedule Recovery Relaxation and Fun Time

In Family and Business it is as Important to Schedule ‘Recovery Relaxation Fun Time’ as anything else in our lives. 


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What Will be the 3rd Way for EU Brexit?

Sam Orgill of ProACT Expatriate Advice considers what we know so far and recent developments in Brexit and the 4 areas of impact Expats should consider and review to protect Residency Rights, Tax on Income, securing Overseas Property, Medical Cover post Brexit.


The British government find itself vetoed out of a financial settlement on EU Brexit not by one of the 27 remaining EU states, but by a King in the North, the leader of the Northern Ireland ‘government’ effectively vetoed the Financial Settlement to which the EU member states had agreed in principle.

Instead of announcing the way forward for trade talks this week, the British government is left scrambling for a 3rd way to EU Brexit.

In the EU game of thrones the king makers will continue to seek a 3rd way. The final agreement will be similar to the current proposal, if we get that far.


ProACT Expat Experts know from experience over 20 years how to protect your Family and Business overseas including property, pension, investment and business assets.

ProACT Tax Saving Expat Experts can help each step of the way Living and Working Abroad.

Now we want to hear from you. What are your EU Brexit Questions? Comment on our Blog or Contact-Us

You could Contact Us for a Free Review Online or in our Cyprus Office.

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40% Inheritance Tax on Overseas Property

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The End is In Sight - But for Whom in the Game of EU Brexit

EU Brexit for Expats Blog

ProACT Sam Orgill bring you a Weekly Update on EU Brexit for Expats

“In the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die” Cersi Lannister told the Noble Edwin Stark. And so it seem in this weekly drama of EU Brexit for Expats. Very political, high risk stuff.  There will one winner it seems, who will that be? EU, Merkel, Crobyn, France, Russia, Saudi, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, Boris Johnson, Theresa May?

“It’s the economy stupid” was a campaign phrased by a relative of mine, James Carville, as campaign strategist for Bill Clinton in the 1991 Presidential election.  It was successful in an election campaign that unseated the sitting president George W Bush, who lost in an campaign held during a recession.

Teresa May is in an election campaign that will run until 23:00PM on 29th March 2019 when the UK will be committed to leaving the EU, a date to be written into UK law. If she gets the government that far.  Until that date anything could change and everything may.

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