Brexit Ends Political Union Not Global Trade & Tax Links

Brexit ends political union but not trade links. Many UK businesses are owned by overseas investors.



This slanted video does not bring up say Cadbury's or Liverpool FC owned by Americans

It doesn't highlight the Business Owned overseas by UK business. The Footsie 100 is filled with overseas I voted Business.

Truth is Trade and Tax agreements don't need the EU. Britain is an international trader going back to their Viking and pirate roots.

The nature of the relationship will change.

The right question is , Where do we want to go?

Then as nation, a region , a city, a town, a business ,  Entrepreneurs , a team, a Family and individual, we take action everyday to move towards our dreams and goals.

We need to stay positive and not engage in this negative introspection and finger pointing. 

Look Forward

Living and Working Abroad

Proact Overseas Property Investors

Living and Working Abroad