8 Tips to Make This Your Day

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8 Steps to Make This Your Day.

Ever felt tired when you get up? Disappointed you did not get that job finished? Or disillusioned that anyone will ever come into your life?

We all have these days. Don’t make a habit of it. This is your day. Why? Because this is your day. What do you mean? This is your day.

At this point I hope you are all still reading, let me explain my emphasis and meaning.


This day, today, will be the day you make of it. The achievements and outcome rely entirely on your efforts. The effort you put in will generate the outcome of your days’ endeavours.

Rise and Shine

You may feel tired when you get up, because of a late night, poor diet, restless sleep or an accumulated energy deficit.

You could choose to break your morning routine and moup around your day.

Then again, you know how we start our day is going to have a big impact on the outcome of the day ahead.

So you could stick to your normal routine, rise and shine, exercise, eat well, prepare yourself, and dress good. Knowing this is your day and it’s going to be just fine.

Work Well

You get to work feeling great, smile at your colleagues who are feeling under the weather, tired having had a late night drinking beer, playing computer games or watching tv.

You bang out your work and keep rolling through the day. The morning exercise and diet helps you with stamina to maintain your high level of performance till home time.


But then you look at your days work... you haven’t finished the job. You promised yourself and your boss it would be done today. Should you stay over? Put in the overtime to get it done? Maybe.

Take a deeper look. Did you a set realistic time frame to do the whole job? When you review the day you have completed  8 of 10 Steps, is that a fair days work done? Oh and your colleagues in Tired Town have maybe done 5 Steps today. Was your mistake to over commit your time? In fact has this been your day? That you have produced the work of champions and can go home knowing a job is well done?

On reflection of your work - This is your day.

Welcome Break

So you leave work on time. Your time free from work  allows you to choose how to rest and restore for tomorrow.  Whether home alone in contemplation, on the video phone with Friends and family, or out socialising with people - family, friends and Community. 

Today you have earned this reward for yourself and gained a great gift - time.  Time to choose how you spend it. Reading a great book, Meeting great people, developing your skills, health or network of people.

What a Day

And while you are out at the coffee shop with friends, you get to meet new, interesting people who add a new dimension to your world.  Especially the woman you meet for the first time who says when introduced to you “I knew this would be my day”

Believe it when you say - “This is My Day”.

8 Tips to Make This Your Day

  1. Always go to sleep and wake up with the intention that “This is my Day”
  2. Everyone needs 8 hours sleep to rest and restore - enjoy this time and wake refreshed.
  3. Use time well with habits and routines to improve efficiency and effectiveness. They make daily life easy.
  4. Morning time sets up your day. Exercise and get fuelled up with a healthy breakfast.
  5. You have a schedule. Don’t get distracted, focus on banging out productive quality work.
  6. The quality of your work today reflects on you. Do good.
  7. Finish work on time. You have time for sleep and time for work. The rest is to use as you choose. Do love, learn, rest and restore. 
  8. Make your time the time of your life. You can’t use time twice. This day is for now.

This Is My Day



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