Wednesdays Blog: A Broad Brush - Leaving Las Vegas

 A Broad Brush - Leaving Las Vegas

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Leaving Las Vegas

The shooting horror in Las Vegas last week brought us a new headlight. A new shocking reminder of what any one person can do in Control of any man-made devise, be it a gun, a truck, a plane, a stick, a fist, a careless gesture, a sharp tongue, a loose word. 

Who is to blame? Who is at fault? What is going on?

Is it good or is it bad?

It’s none of those and all of those. The role of any ‘terrorist’ is to create fear and terror. For whatever purpose, whatever belief. Religion, money, sex, revenge.

Above all we should not turn in each other. Everyone in the world wants the same thing as you. A safe and secure environment to live with their family and give the best to their children. Syrian, Afghan, Russian, Chinese , American , Mexican BRITISH, German.

There are different accents, different beliefs, but the same end in mind. Remember that as a human being.

Remember those that lost out in Las Vegas. But we must leave behind any negative anger and blame. We aspire to a better world together Living and Working Abroad

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