Tackle Your Fears Beyond Your Comfort Zone


We can all look forward to our day and week ahead and be fearful of what confronts us. Are you good enough ? Can you do this ? How will people react with you? Will you be acceptable? Is there danger?


We all live in a comfort zone, it's a good thing ! It allows us to routinely go about our days with habits and routines, that we don't have to think about.


Growth comes outside a comfort zone. We have to leave by the front door of our cosy home comfort and go out into the world of challenge and change.


If we want to get ahead in our work, studies, fitness, friendship, networks , hobbies, we have to step outside the comfort zone.


Fear of this change, doubt for what it holds and how we will cope affects us all. Me, you, everyone.

That's ok. That's normal.


To grow, To learn, To achieve our dreams and goals, we need to learn new habits, new routines, new norms, new comforts. Fear not, this is life. Everything will be ok.


Tackle Your Fears Beyond Your Comfort Zone --

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