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EU Brexit for Expats: House of Cards?

Sam Orgill of ProACT Partnership considers the background and implications of EU Brexit for Expats Living and Working Abroad

The Clash wondered ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ Indicating a level of indecision with narrow margins.  The Jam successors Style Council replied with ‘You don’t have to sit back… you can actually try changin’ it an Walls will come tumbling down’.  This was the 70’s angst of the UK as they agonisingly choose to be led into the ECC as it was then. 


2016 - Fast forward to 2016 and Great Britain votes 52% to leave – an 18% swing. The EU walls come tumbling down, along with political careers, jobs and lifestyles. What went wrong with the relationship between the British and their European Cousins?

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UK Tax Free Savings Secured for Expats

Sam Orgill of ProACT Partnership discusses how Expats can get UK Tax Free Savings in a secured financial environment

Interest from Banks and Bonds

From April 2016 a £5000 tax saving income allowance exists in the UK. This saves £1000 tax. Yes you can earn £5000 in interest tax free.

Also the UK no longer charge tax on bank interest at source, from 2016 you will have to declare and pay tax on saving in a UK tax return or your country of tax residence.

Tax Saving Tip: Build up savings for UK interest free of UK at source and Cyprus Tax


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