Time is Realtive. Stay on Track. Stay in the Zone. 1153

Time is Relative. Stay in the Zone. Stay on Track. 1153


Here's 3 Things to Consider When Struggling to Keep your Day on Track.


Every day we have unexpected demands turn up on our doorstep, on our desk, in our way. How can I stay on Track and get my stuff done?


I know there was a time when I would prepare my week, prepare my day, get to the office on a wave of positive 'I am going to do this' emotion, only for that wave to crash into a breakwater of inbox, staff and client inquiries.

By the time I recovered and got these 'urgent' 'distractions out of my way, I was done, all in. Exhausted from completing a great days work.


But not my work. Not my agenda. I lost track and lost the time. Never again in my life would I have that time to complete those tasks I had scheduled for that days work.


Here's 3 things I learned to consider when the days are a struggle to stay on Track :

  1. Enjoy the Struggle. It means you are living and working beyond your comfort zone. That you are growing. That you are alive.
  2. Review your weekly and day planning. Hello. Are those unexpected demands so unexpected? If they turn up every day and regularly it's a sign they are part of your work. Stop making the excuse  that the unexpected happens when they are part of your day. Recognise the events that keep turning up. Allow time for them: to do them, delegate or train them, or cut them out. Take responsibility for your world.
  3. Learn to stay on Track. Whatever the task train yourself to spend the allocated time on it. Do your best. Then move on. Schedule the next step in the 'project'. Be patient. Keep moving forward.


Time is Relative. You choose how you spend it, but you can only spend this moment, at this time, on one thing.

Stay in the Zone. Focus on your agenda, do your schedule, confident that you have included all expected  demands on your time.

Stay on Track. By having  the disciple to stay on your well planned schedule that allows you to handle the genuinely unexpected.


Time is Relative.

Stay in the Zone.

Stay on Track.



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