Expats Need to Take Action Now on Public Service Pensions if Living and Working Abroad in Cyprus or UK

ProACT Sam Says we know how to help Expats with Pensions Living and Working Abroad. 

The new 2018 Cyprus Double Taxation (DT) Treaty came into force on 1st January 2019 and from April 2019 -

  • UK Expats Living Abroad in Cyprus as Tax Residents with UK Public Service Pensions are taxed PAYE in the UK. 

  • CY Expats Living Abroad in UK as Tax Residents with Cyprus Public Service Pensions are taxed at source in Cyprus. 

Depending upon your income UK Expats in Cyprus could start paying UK tax at source from April 2019 at 20% or 45%. 

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4 Actions for UK - Cyprus Expats to do this New Year

ProACT sam identifies 4 Actions for UK Expats to take control of their borders - with or without EU Brexit. 

There are 60,000 UK expats living and working in Cyprus who want certainty. Rather than wait for the politicians we could act on the known certainties. Take control of your borders and freedom to live, travel work abroad. 

For months now we have been saying there is no such thing as ’no deal’ in any negotiation. The EU Brexit deal is overwhelmed with vested political and business interests.

What is unresolved is the future trading agreement between the EU and the UK.

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