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 5 To Do’s Checklist for Top Performance

5 To Do’s Checklist for Top Performance to Achieve Your  Dreams


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Yes You Do.

Have you ever found yourself watching TV or on social media for a minute then an hour? Did you get the the house cleaned instead of putting up the shelf?

At work have you cleared your email inbox of all client mail and worked through all the junk mail but not got the report written?

Have you spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and missed the workout?

Yes You Do.

Don’t feel bad we all can do that, I have found that situation a few times.

When you are looking for the background information to complete that report, but need to sort through and tidy the files first.

That’s not bad. Not a reason to beat yourself up for failing your to do list. Better you could reflect and understand better why you do what you do.

What Do You Mean?

Top performers appear to get things done. Get ahead at home, at school, at work, financially, health, sport. Not just in the short term, but in the long term.

So while peak performers may clean cupboards, check social media, clear inboxes, there must be another secret to their success.

On Purpose

Yes You Do stuff, get things done. Filing or completing the report. Fixing the shelf or tidy the house.

Top performers focus on their purpose. What is their dream, their goals. Reaching those goals become their purpose and drives every thing they do - subconsciously. 

You Choose

You choose everything you do. Face that fact and look into your soul. What you choose to do with each hour of your day is dictated by your purpose. A dream so fixed it dictates subconsciously what you choose to do.

You could refit the bedroom shelving , run 10km to prepare for the marathon, send the completed report and suggest follow up actions,

That would get you ahead today and each day. You would choose to do that if your dream was to be a top performer.

To Do’s Checklist for Top Performance in Business

5 To Do’s Checklist for Top Performance to Achieve Your Dreams

  1. Write your dreams and goals out each night before you go to bed
  2. Read out loud your dreams and goals each morning as soon as you get up - in the bathroom !
  3. Make your To Do list your calendar to great a deadline for each activity
  4. Find your self choosing To Do that move you towards your dreams and top performance
  5. Don’t go mad. Balance. Spend time daily on you, your family, your work and get 8 hours sleep.

Welcome you to Top Performance

Yes You Do

As You Choose.



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