7 Steps to Help Take the Toughest Decisions Quickly

Ever felt yourself wracked with doubt? Ever found yourself pondering numerous what ifs? Have you caused yourself anxiety by constantly weighting up your options and not making the decision?

We can all do that. And it seldom ends well. We find relief, when we finally make the decision, so empowering we wonder ‘why didn’t we do that sooner?’

Or the decision is forced on us by events and we lose control of the outcome which is not what we want or desire. 

What can we do to take decisions without hesitation ?

7 Steps to Help Take the Toughest Decisions Quickly

  1. Accept responsibility and ownership of the decision making. No-one else is going to make your decisions for you. Acknowledge that you are going to stop avoiding and start making that decision. Without this you lose your time and energy in procrastination.
  2. What is your vision for your future after this decision, where do you Dream the resulting action will lead. This is why you would take any action. You decisions must be consistent with your dreams and goals.
  3. What are the benefits that will come from your decision? Every action can succeed or fail. A new sales campaign, well planned at work, might fail but your team will learn. It might succeed and bring new clients to the business. 
  4. What are the unknowns? Your decision may be great or small. Your hesitation may in part  be the fear of the unknown.  Get your journal out and commit to paper a list of the ‘unknowns’. Nothing is normally that bad. But there may be a conflict of responsibility you need to address.  You can’t turn up to soccer and judo training at the same time. You have to decide between the two.
  5. What are the risks involved ?  In everything there are risks of success. She might say yes. He might say no. You may succeed, you may fail. If you understand the risks you can make a judgement you are comfortable with. Get them out, write the perceived risks them down in your journal so you are clear in your mind. So there is no nagging doubt at the back of your mind holding you back from the decision.
  6. Talk to your mentor. Who do you trust and talk to about the decisions you will make?  Your partner, family, business associate, colleague, coach? Who will listen to you rationalise the dream, benefits, unknowns and risks involved  making the decision. An independant coach, mentor or trusted friend can guide you over the threshold to make that big decision. 
  7. Are you in or are you out.  Time to be decisive. Not to waste any more time in hesitation. You have rationalised, reasoned, gathered information. Yes or No. Decide.

Decided?  Move on. Schedule the actions. Commit the time. Take the actions when they arise. Without doubt. Without hesitation. With confidence. With excitement. With the knowledge your decision is consistent with achieving your dreams, that the resulting action will move you towards those dreams, or you will fail and learn.

Above all you have not wasted time and energy delaying your decision making.  By taking responsibility for your world, your decisions, you make your future better

You Are Responsible

For Your Decisions

Make Them Without




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