'Anger Displays' Often Reflect a Belief That 'I Am Not Good Enough' 

 Anger Displays Often Reflect a Belief That 'I Am Not Good Enough'


Here 3 Tips to Improve Your Self Image


We can all have moments where our emotions take over our rational behaviour. We become animated , maybe loud, maybe relatively aggressive, and scary (to others).

During these time we generally lose. We lose the attention of others, the respect of colleagues and associates, and the trust of the people you try to deal with.


The recipients of the anger display. They know. Your anger reflects a self belief of 'I am not good enough'. The angrier you are the more you reflect your low self worth.


Here's 3 Tips To Improve Your Self Image. Do these and you will help remove the anger from your days.

  1. Be Patient. Accept your best is good enough. And that's ok. And that tomorrow you can take the next step forward.
  2. You can only think one thing at a time. Even woman. When that thought is your frustration of the belief that you are not good enough, you could display anger. So if you feel the emotion swell up inside you, recognise the moment. And consciously apply this technique. Mentally or out loud  say these words to yourself. Repeat them for as long as you need to let the anger emotion pass over you. Remember these words and practice them to use whenever you feel an anger display coming on. Here are the words: "Let it Go". Let it go. Whenever your mind drifts away from getting back in balance , then just repeat the affirmation, 'Let It Go'. You cannot think anything else. Whatever it was. You can only say and think 'Let it Go'
  3. When the urge of the emotional outburst of anger is under control, and you have let it go, you could then repeat this next meditation to yourself. Move yourself forward knowing you are more than good enough. You can say this meditation to yourself , or out loud , any time any where. No music, no poses, no chants. Just say and repeat this meditation to yourself: I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.

Follow these three tips , forgive yourself. Love yourself , who you are right now , as you are. Be grateful, give yourself thanks and  love yourself.

To love yourself is the greatest love of all. Until you can be good enough to love yourself , you will not be able to successfully love your partner, family, team, friends , clients and associates.

Practice these 3 tips and you will grow. Love Yourself and you will know you are more than good enough for life and the world.


Anger Displays Often Reflect a Belief That 'I Am Not Good Enough'



 3 Tips to Improve Your Self Image


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